GG WaterWalker ™

Used by

Shadowbrook VIC and Aquagait NSW.

The GG WaterWalker™ can be customised to meet individual requirements and adjustments can be made to produce results specific to your goal. The type of work, water depth, and current intensity are a few of the variables that can be adjusted to your requirements. The GG WaterWalker™ is constructed from durable fiberglass with sealed concrete and rubber flooring. Using a GG WaterWalker™ 10 horse model, up to ten horses can be worked simultaneously

Channel Design

One of the first things that you will notice is our unique channel design. This not only reduces the required amount of water by 150,000 litres it also greatly decreases the volume of water that needs to be filtered. We recommend 950mm is an ideal water depth for resistance training, as this prevents horses from barging the water with their chests.

Central Water Storage

There are a number of advantages that a central water storage tank provides. The entire water contents can be shifted for easy maintenance without wasting costly water. Also, by transferring the water through the filtration system it is a much more effective way of filtering the water. Having the central water storage also allows for infinite adjustment to your water level. The water depth determines the weight or concussion on your horse ’s legs. When the water is high their bodies are buoyant, with little weight on their legs. You can vary the concussion and their action with the adjustable water depth.

Variable Resistance

Our high flow pumping system creates an intense resistant current, which can be adjusted to suite the horses needs. The water current can be changed at the touch of a button. You can make the work easy or hard for them without increasing speed or the impact on their feet and joints.

Landmark Filteration

The GG WaterWalker™ filtration system comes with automatic dosing, automatic backwash and GG Engineering’s proprietary course screening. Further, the central water storage tank allows for the entire water content to be removed and filtered.

Standard Specifications
  • Ten horse capacity - Filtration system capable of filtering 1100L/min with GG Engineering proprietary course screen
  • 4 dual direction current pumps with independent control - Auto backwash valving on sand filter.
  • fibreglass wall sections
  • 250mm thick concrete reinforced flooring
  • 2.2 kilowatt motor, gearbox & drive
  • Rubber lined entry & exit
  • Hydraulic gate
Optional Extras
  • 150,000+ litre water storage tank
  • Dual entry allows simultaneous entry and exit
  • Grooved rubber floor covering
  • Minimum area (not including lead in and out area or filtration area) 18.6m diameter
  • Lead in/out 8m recommended
  • Filtration area 3m x 4m
  • 3 phase, 415 VAC, 70 amp power
  • 2 phase, 415 VAC, 80 amp power