GG WaterTreadmill ™

Used by

Aquanita Racing.

The GG WaterTreadmill™is an in-ground system combining the benefits of treadmill exercise and hydrotherapy into one. Whether it be for training, post gallop recovery, or rehabilitation the GG WaterTreadmill™ is designed to achieve peak performance in equine athletes. It offers the advantages of beach work in an accessible, secure and controlled environment. The GG WaterTreadmil™ is an invaluable addition to your stable and is available in single horse, or two horse configurations.

Performance & Versatility

We all want to get the best performance from our horses. Performance requires two things, fitness and soundness. Water treadmill training can challenge even the fittest equine athlete, without the negative effects that can compromise soundness.

Each session can be specifically tailored to the horse’s individual training regime providing a very versatile system. A touch of a button is all that is needed to adjust the treadmill speed or the duration of the work.

Soundness & Strength

Whether your horse has a soundness issue that limits his workload, or you have a winner and you would like to keep him that way, a GG WaterTreadmill will compliment your training program. You will be able to minimise the negative effects, while strengthening the rest of the body, increasing fitness while increasing soundness.

Physiologically a GG WaterTreadmill™ provides accelerated conditioning, challenging the horse’s muscular system, unlike swimming in which little muscular benefit is gained. The horse also maintains a natural land based action. Muscle tone and definition are increased, and top-lines are vastly improved

Standard Specifications
  • In-ground installation
  • Filtration system
  • Stainless steel submersible treadmill
  • 7.5 kilowatt motor, gearbox and drive
  • Rubber lined entry and exit
  • Quick release high tensile front & rear straps
Optional Extras
  • Auto backwash
  • Auto dosing
  • Water Chiller
  • Two horse configuration
  • Minimum area including lead in/out 5m recommended at both ends totalling approximately 21m for single / 25m for in-line
  • Filtration area 3m x 4m
  • 3 phase, 415 VAC, 30 amp power