GG Walker ™

The Most Robust Walking Machine on The Market. Proudly Backed by a 5-year Full Warranty.

Used by

The Victorian Racing Club, Australian Turf Club and Cranbourne Racing Club.

When safety, robustness and your horses’ well-being take precedence the GG Walker™ is an easy choice. Available in six, eight, ten and twelve horse models, the GG Walker™ allows multiple horses to be walked simultaneously in a safe and secure environment. The whisper quiet operation is robustly designed and virtually maintenance free. Having GG Walker™ machine’s in the field for over 20 years, they have proven the test of time. The GG Walker™ features clockwise and anti-clockwise exercise routines with variable speed control. This tried and tested favourite will be a welcome addition to your facility.


From speaking with industry experts our design team found that restricting the area in which the horses are walking has safety benefits. By reducing the space, the horse is less likely to play up and unable to turn around, significantly decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Another distinction of the GG Walker™ is the ability to safely tie your horses into position while they are working. The internal ring rotates allowing a horse to be safely tied to the rotating ring rather than the head divider. There are two tie-up points in each bay, which allow for the ideal position whether travelling clockwise or anti-clockwise. The GG Walker™ also features double entry gates for simultaneous entry and exit which is important for handler safety and heavy gauge wire mesh which is important for minimising sharp edges due to wire breakage.

Built to last

The GG Walker™ features only the strongest and most durable materials. Every component is selected to reduce maintenance and increase the life of your GG Walker™. We have carefully selected the wire mesh specifically for equine facilities, the wire mesh design has small aperture and heavy gauge wire. The GG Walker™ proprietary bearing hub is designed for longevity, with self-lubricating heavy-duty bearings and solid rubber wheels. The specialised friction drive is fully electronic and whisper quiet. The design has been continuously refined to prolong the life of your machine and best of the GG Walker™ requires minimal maintenance. The GG Walker™ is proudly backed by a 5 year full warranty.

Standard Specifications
  • Available in six, eight, ten and twelve horse models
  • Variable speed - 8km/h max
  • Dual direction operation with double entry gates
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Safety designed bay size 4.3 x 1m
  • Rubber hung on inside fence and outside fence
  • Mesh and rubber head dividers
  • Internal access gate
  • Solid rubber wheels
  • 2.2 kilowatt drive
  • 5 year warranty
  • Single phase, 240V, 15amp power required
Area Requirements
  • Six Horse Walker - 12m diameter
  • Eight Horse Walker – 14.8m diameter
  • Ten Horse Walker – 17.6m diameter
  • Twelve Horse Walker – 20.4m diameter
  • Concrete walkway
  • Grooved Anti-Slip Rubber Floor
  • Cantilever “donut” roof or full cover roof