GG Ambulance ™

The Most Equipped and Versatile Equine Ambulance on The Market.

Used by

The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Singapore Turf Club and Tasracing.

The welfare of horses during competition is one of the largest concerns for clubs, racing authorities and the public. principle racing authorities around the globe. During elite competition, unfortunately injuries are not only likely, they are inevitable. In the event of an injury, the GG AmbulanceTM equine ambulance is designed to offer the most comfortable loading, transit and unloading for injured horses. The GG Ambulance is designed for comfort, ensuring that the horse is properly cared for during an immensely stressful period for the horse.

Well Equipped

Available with four metre retractable privacy curtains, six tonne dead weight winch system, and large drag mat, the GG AmbulanceTM horse ambulance can be equipped for even the most unfortunate of outcomes while maintaining discretion.

Revolutionary Air Bag Suspension

This revolutionary design allows the entire Ambulance to lower completely flat onto the ground. The horse simply walks on without the use of any ramps, there is no need to step up. Once the horse is loaded the air bags gently lift the Ambulance at the touch of a button.

Self-levelling suspension

The suspension has self-levelling capabilities, automatically adjusting as required when the ambulance has been loaded/unloaded.

Remote Control

The GG AmbulanceTM is equipped with a remote control which can be used to raise and lower the ambulance chassis as well as releasing and retracting the winch. The ambulance can also be operated by the control panel located at the front of the ambulance.

Standard Specifications
  • Capacity to carry two horses
  • Ambulance specific internal dimensions 3.43 x 1.85 x 2.38m
  • Safety designed bay size 2.2 x 0.7m
  • Dual direction walk through capability with front entry and exit door 1.2 x 2m
  • Heavy gauge steel framework with strong 5mm mesh construction
  • Protective checker plating at ambulance front
  • Heavy duty stainless steel hinges and latches
  • Electronic braking system
  • Air bag suspension front and rear includes a split draw bar. The entire ambulance lowers flat to ground level allowing the injured horse to be loaded without the use of ramps or needing to step up. This suspension system also provides a comfortable ride for the horse while in transit.
  • Removable aluminium divider system – converts from straight to angle load. The ambulance can be adjusted in less than 30 seconds to customize how the horse is positioned relative to the injury.
  • Winch with 6T dead weight pulling capacity is necessary when a horse is deceased or when a horse needs to be sedated and taken for surgery.
  • Drag mat provides a strong and moveable surface to place the sedated or fatally injured horse onto for removal.
  • Retractable curtains 4m long attached to the rear doors of the ambulance make privacy and concealment possible.
  • Logo of your club, company, or sponsor can be displayed.