ECB Aqua Treadmill

ECB Aqua Treadmill, built on 18 years of ECB’s experience in equine hydrotherapy.

Used by

Charlie Longsdon Racing (UK), Ana Elias Fernandes (Portugal) & Mildmay Stud (UK)

GG Engineering is proud to be the Australasian agent for the market leading ECB Equine Aqua Treadmill manufactured in the United Kingdom.

The ECB Aqua Treadmill has been designed and built on 18 years of ECB’s experience in equine hydrotherapy. As market leaders of the equine spa it was a natural progression to research and develop the latest technology in water treadmills.

Using the highest quality materials including marine grade stainless steel and safety glass, the treadmill has been built to suit all yards, from rehabilitation to busy training yards. By using this top grade of steel it makes the treadmill the most salt compatible on the market today.

Safety of the horse and handler has been paramount during the design process, with features such as quick release breast/rear bars, emergency stop control buttons, light beam sensor and the easiest door opening/ closing system.

What sets ECB above the rest is the unique filtration system. By using double filtration the customer no longer has to do weekly, and in some cases twice-weekly, water changes – unfortunately, common place with other units on the market today.

The computer system has been designed with the handler in mind. Easy to operate, in multiple languages, the system can store up to 100 horses, giving them each an individual programme. All data and programming can be controlled remotely from an iPad/iPhone.

The treadmill’s incline can be set from 0 – 10%, giving an extra work out for the horse to build top line and the hind muscle groups. The incline works in small increments so you are not asking your horse too much straight away.


  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Walk & trot variable speed, 0 - 12kPH
  • Can be used as a dry treadmill
  • Built-in incline, 0 – 10%
  • Rapid filling and emptying – 2 ½ minutes to level of 60cm
  • Large glass doors and side panels allow for greater visibility
  • Quick release breast/rear bars and numerous safety options
  • Simple 100 horse, touch screen computer system
  • Double filtration allows for up to 2 – 3 weeks of recycled water
  • Cleaning ports giving unique cleanability without lifting the belt
  • Self-contained Refrigeration option